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Untitled Dinosaur Game

Untitled Dinosaur game is a re-imagination of Jurassic Park Trespasser(1998)

This game takes places on Site B, shortly after Hurricane Clarissa came and destroyed much of the islands essential equipment.

In their haste to evacuate, the population on the island left behind valuable research regarding the cloning of dinosaurs and your task is to restart the electrical grid on the island in order to extract the information.

All of the Dinosaurs on the island should be long dead due to their lysine deficiency

But they where wrong...

Something has survived

Following another tropical storm, you are left alone on the island only to realize it is crawling with dinosaurs

Now you have to make it out alive...

Install instructions

  1. Download PC or Mac version
  2. Extract zip
  3. Run UDG.exe/UDG OSX.app
  4. Enjoy!


UDG Release Build 1.zip 488 MB
UDG OSX.app.zip 501 MB


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(1 edit)

The game is still (ok) but there are a lot of bugs, so you should fix it.

Looks promising but the screen is just black when starting the game.


Hope you'll keep working on this. Notes:

- performance tanks looking at trees, LOD or billboarding might help

- sidesetep slowdown is too strong, i'd opt complete removal of slowdown

- for the sake of parodying the sexist interpretation of trespasser, why not put the health indicator on a male chest